Dubai Dive Sites

Barge Sarraf:

Approximately seven nautical miles off Jumeirah, since it sank in 1985, lays a 42-metre long coastal motor vessel, which is in close proximity to a car barge complete with various vehicles and a tug boat. All these vessels sit upright in 22 meters of water and provide a good opportunity for a limited penetration dive. A multitude of fish can be observed including barracuda, guitar sharks and spotted eagle rays.

Cement Barge: A 25-metre long barge that sits upright in ten meters of water about ten minutes from Dubai. This is an ideal wreck for newly qualified divers and provides the opportunity to see a wide variety of fish including clownfish, parrotfish and stingrays.

MV Dara:

This could be considered one of the most historic wrecks on the West Coast. Dara was sunk by an Omani rebel mine with the loss of 238 lives which at the time was the greatest loss of life at sea during peace times since the Titanic. The ship is 399ft in length and 5,030 tons and lies on her starboard side in 20 meters of water. The dive is classified as an advanced dive due to tidal influences. Having sunk in 1961 the marine life is well established.

Zainab: A coastal oil tanker, scuttled by its own crew to avoid the US Coast Guard checking its cargo of illegal oil, this wreck sits in approx 30 metres of water around 20 miles off Dubai. The wreck is fairly new and mostly still intact. In winther, dont be alarmed if you find yourself surrounded by hundreds of barracuda's on this wreck.

Energy Determination:
ED is a supertanker, who went down following a fire. The loss of the ED was one of the biggest maritime losses in the Gulf region in all times. This is for Tech divers only - the top of the wreck is at 35 metres and the max depth of the dive is 80 metres !! Serious planning must preceed dives on this wreck.

Mariam Express

14 miles off the Sharjah coast there is a ship that sank not more than 3 weeks ago. Under 20 metres of water it lies on its side on the sandy seabed - The Mariam Express.An ex-cargo vessel, the Mariam Express (previously called the Delos Express)
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