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    Xtender Wrist Computer

Xtender Wrist Computer

• Nitrox compatible from 21% to 90% in 1% increments.

• Tracks depth, dive time, surface interval and water temperature.

• Complete with visual and audible alarms.

• Saves depth and dive times during the dive.

• Log memory saves logs for up to 30 days.

• History function will display the total number of dives up to 999 and the total number of dive time (up to 999 hours and 59 minutes)

• PC downloads function (Hardware sold separately).

• Altitude measurement and altitude rank functions.

• User safety-factor setting.

• Full clock functions.

• Backlight function.

• User-replacement battery.

• Available with black or light blue silicone rubber wristbands. New for 2007; versatile Ivory white version for both hi-tech fashion and performance both in and out of the water.
  Xtender PC Interface      

Xtender PC Interface

• Xtender PC Download.
• Optional hardware to download logbook information.

  Scubapro compact 2 gauge console      

Scubapro compact 2 gauge console

• The perfect back up system enabling diver to read air consumption and depth information at a glance.

• Zero to 400bar pressure gauge, adapted to 200bar & 300bar technology. Red zone between 50bar and 0bar for increased safety.

• 70m N2-filled depth gauge with parabolic scale for easy reading in shallow depths. Reliable maximum depth indicator for easy tracking and logging.

• Loop on top side of case to attach a safety lanyard.

  Scuabapro Compact Pressure Gauge      

Scuabapro Compact Pressure Gauge

• Extra safety with a minimum bulk small back-up instrument.

• 400bar model adapting to 200bar and 300bar technology. Compatible with high pressure systems.

• Red zone between 50bar and 0bar for increased safety.

• Two extra loops on sides to attach safety lanyard.


  Scubapro Mako Console      
    Scubapro Mako Console

         Compact, yet easy to read, pressure gauge & compass console is ideal for travelling.

         400bar model perfect as a back-up system

         Oil-filled polycarbonate case compass with side-view window for precise bearing while swimming.

         Highly luminous dial for easy reference in low light conditions.
  2007 Technical Diving International Center